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Haiti, Jamaica, Saint Lucia:
Music for Social Change: Oasis-Caribbean

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1. Botswana
a. Empowering At-Risk Youth Using Wosana Traditional Music
2. Ghana
 a. Developing the Creative Musical Talent of Youth: Bless the Mic
3. South Africa     
a. Developing Life Skills in Youth Through Music for Eradicating Poverty and Promoting  Development: Field Band Foundation
 b. Mangaung String Program for Disadvantaged Youth

c. Music for Rural Disadvantaged Children: The Keiskamma Music Academy

    d. Music Investment Project for At-Risk Youth:  Eastern Cape Philharmonic Orchestra

  e. Music with Disadvantaged Children Suffering Traumatic Effects of Their Environment

     f. Ntonga Music School: Playing for Change

g. Preserving Indigenous Instrumental Music and Dance Practices of Africa


1. Brazil
a. Bringing Music to Children and Adolescents in Situations of Social Vulnerability: Intermusic

b. The Human Body as an Instrument: Project Batucadeiros

2. Colombia
a. Let the Music Touch You: Fundación Nacional Batutadeiros

3. Ecuador
a.  Empowering At-Risk Youth to Access Their Creativity and Build Self-Esteem Through Music and the Arts: Project Creo

4. Mexico
a. Providing Music Education to Students in Diverse Settings and Institutions:  Music and  Culture at CEDROS

5. United States of America
a. Music for Economically Disenfranchised Youth and Their Families: Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles

b. Promoting Connections Between Inmates and the Community: Choral Singing and Songwriting

c. Promoting Resiliency and Positive Youth Development with At-Risk Students: Mariachi Program

d. Reaching Underserved Youth Through After School Music Clubhouse Programs

 e. Songwriting with At-Risk Youth: Hear Our Voices

f. Transforming Lives and Communities Through Music: The Center for Music National  Service   

6. Non-Autonomous Territory: Puerto Rico
a. Music for Cultural Preservation: TACUAFAN

b. Music to Promote Environmental Awareness: EcoMusiclage

c. Promoting Cultural Integration: arteSanturce: De Barrio Obrero a la 15


1. Afghanistan
a.Preserving and Returning the Musical Heritage of Afghanistan: Afghan Children’s Songbook Project

b. Rebuilding Music Education for Afghan Youth and Establishing the Afghanistan National Institute of Music

2. China
a.  Children’s Choir for Preserving the Cultural Heritage of Ethnic Minorities: Quintessenso Cultural Work (QCW)

 b. Making Music with a Traditional Chinese Folk Instrument in School and Universities: The Ocarina Project:

3. India
a. Musical Instrument Design and Construction in a Creative Community Enterprise for At Risk Youth: Svaram

4. Japan
a. Big Band for People with and without Disabilities: Commuon

b.  To Enhance Cross-Cultural Communication Through Music: Yokohama Community Music Project

5. Nepal
a. Music Therapy for Autistic Children: The Music Therapy Trust Nepal

6. Philippines
a. A National Movement Towards Building Orchestras of Philippine Folkloric Instruments: Orchestra Sin Arco


1. Finland
a. Music for Students with Special Educational Needs: Resonaari Music School

2. Ireland
 a. Honoring the Music Cultures of the Traveller Community: The Nomad Project

3. Italy
a. Music for Well-Being with Disadvantaged Children and Their Families: Bambini Al Centro

4. Spain
a. Promoting Social Inclusion for Visually Impaired Children Through Choral Singing: The Allegro Choir

5. United Kingdom
a. Bridging the Transition Between the Psychiatric and the Community: The Chelsea Community Music Therapy Project


a. Intergenerational Involvement and Learning Through Music and The Arts: ArtStories


  1. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Rwanda, Uganda, UK
a. Using Music to Connect Communities, Bridge Divides and Heal the Wounds of War: Musicians Without Borders

2. Canada, Switzerland, United States of America
   a. Empowering Individuals and Communities Through Group Improvisation: Music for People

3. Guinea, United States of America
a. Supporting and Enhancing the Quality of Life of Homeless Children and Children with Disabilities: Group Laiengee Project

4. Haiti, Jamaica, St. Lucia 
a. Music for Social Change: Oasis-Caribbean

Indonesia, Iraq, United States of America
 a.  Recapturing Cultural Identity Through Drumming and Drum Making: Drums of Humanity

6. South Africa, United States of America
a.  Diversion from Crime into Music Education: Empowering Juvenile Offenders Through Music Education Programs