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Afghanistan: Preserving and Returning the Musical Heritage of Afghanistan:
Afghan Children’s Songbook
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 1. Brazil
a.  Providing Underserved Children and Teens with Social Inclusion Opportunities Through Access to Musical Knowledge and Artistic Experiences: Villa-Lobos Orchestra
a.  Promoting Intercultural Understanding Through World Music Workshops with Under-Resourced Elementary School Students: Roots & Shoots
3. Costa Rica
    a.  A Latin Percussion Ensemble for Special Needs Children: Ensamble de Percusión Inclusión
4. Mexico
    a. Providing Music Education to Students in Diverse Settings and Institutions: Music and Culture at CEDROS

4. United States of America
    a. Midori & Friends: Inspiring Children Through Music
b. A Multi-Disciplinary World Drumming Program for Underserved Children: Roots of Rhythm
c. Music Making for Adults: New Horizons Music Programs
d. Transforming Lives and Communities Through Music: The Center for Music National
e. Using Music as a Learning Tool for Economically Disadvantaged Children: Guitars in the Classroom

    f. Using Music Technology to Promote Learning with Adolescents and Young Adults on the Autistic Spectrum: SoundScape
g. Youth Development Through Music:  Hip Hop4Humanity   Non-Autonomous Territory: Puerto Rico
h.  Music To Promote Environmental Awareness: EcoMusiclaje

i. Rebuilding Family Life Through Music: Atención Atención

1. Afghanistan
    a.  Preserving and Returning the Musical Heritage of Afghanistan: Afghan Children’s Songbook Project
2. India
     a. Discovering Musical Potential in Children and Providing Free Music Teacher Training: My Peace Music Institute
3. Pakistan
   a.  A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Music in Education: The Prism Project   Singapore
b. Bringing Learning, Creativity and Cultural Connection to Students Through Global Ethnic Percussion: Rhythm Rocks

1. Spain
 a. Promoting Social Inclusion for Visually Impaired Children Through Choral Singing: The Allegro Choir
b. The Creation of School Operas as a Strategy for Curricular Integration and Inclusive Education

1. Australia
  a.  Intergenerational Involvement and Learning Through Music, Related Arts & Technology:   ArtStories
b. Music Production and Promotion with Marginalized People of All Ages: Sweet  Freedom
c. Promoting Social Harmony and Well-Being Through Music Making: A New Paradigm in Music Education


   1. Canada, United States of America  
    a. A State-Of-The-Art Mobile Recording Facility Dedicated to Bringing The Power of Music and The Arts to Students and People of All Ages: The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus